Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Time Travelling Ballads.

Geeky moment coming right up! So I’m a fan of Dr Who. Not as big a one as I’d have liked, time lacking and all that, but fan enough to get excited about this: Chameleon Circuit. Two cds released, a collection of songs written and performed by a group of youtubers strictly about Dr Who. What’s not to get excited about?
This isn’t to say this is a new band. They’ve been around for a couple of years, but me being who I am, I merely gave them the thumbs up for having such an awesome idea and doing well with it, without even properly considering looking them up and pursuing their music. I know that the major Dr Who fan base out there would give a strict slap on the wrist for that confession. But. Thanks to an update youtube video by Charlie McDonell (one of the members), I finally got round to actually listening to a good selection of their music. And did I like it? Did I! To listen to a song and suddenly realise you know exactly which episode/character/event they’re singing about is, for me, kinda exciting. The style of music changes with each song - due to there being no lead singer, the members take it in turns to write, play, sing, so the styles change with the preferences of the members themselves - giving the collection a proper compilation feel.
They aren't geniuses. They aren't perfect song writers. But their music is well thought out and catchy, and it makes me happy. I guess that's all that matters.
Dr Who fan? Have a listen.

Ps. The songs "Everything is ending" and "Silence and the end of all things" and "Kiss the girl" are the good ones, I reckon...

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