Friday, 29 July 2011


There is something I forgot to add when posting the photo of Mister Squirrel. On that same day, we met a man who should be commended for his patience. He saw us taking photos of the charismatic Mister Squirrel, and consequently called us over.
"If you're that good with that camera, taking photos of that squirrel, you can come take a photo of this Jay bird," says he, in those approxmiate words, anyway. I shooed my camera-toting KeyChild over to him while I gathered up our junk and said goodbye to our new squirelly friend. I arrived too late to see the Jay bird. But I heard the story behind it.
There are only a few Jay birds in our part of the country. They travel in pairs, and I've only ever seen two couples in my area. They're rather large, and have beautiful blue colouring on their wings. They're also notoriousy loud, and very people-shy. Through perseverance and alot of patience, however, this man had managed to gain the trust of one Jay bird enough that it would come sit at the other end of the bench as he, and eat bread from the wooden slats. It had taken him "Six months. I come here everyday, to this bench and it's taken me six months to get him to come down here and eat with me." Bird tamer extraordinaire. That's special.

Ps. Also, my new lappytoppy thing does not have automatic spell check on my internet writings. So I keep spelling things wrong and there's no red line to sarcastically point out my mistakes. What, I'm going to have to proof read?! Effort much.