Sunday, 17 July 2011

It's 00:57 on Sunday morning.

I have an earache... Else trust me, I'd be happily snuggled in bed loving every second of my sleeping time. I'm hoping this earache clears itself up before Monday, as I have a trip to John Lewis in Reading with two of my girlfriends in order to buy meters and meters of loverly material to make two beautiful dresses, one Marie Antoinette style and one Alice McGee style, for their respective birthdays. Yes, I shall make the dresses. To make a dress for oneself is one thing, to make a dress for someone else is another. Of course, the multiple fittings that shall be needed are a perfect excuse to spend more time with my two girls. An ulterior motive? Course not..!
Anywho. To be able to function properly on Monday is therefor very necessary. I just had to delete a repetition of the phrase "in order to buy" from my writing above, and the spelling corrections I'm having to make are ridiculous. My brain clearly is not all present and correct. I think I shall have to attempt to shut it down again, despite the screaming pain battering in from my ear. Argh. I shall call down the martyrs of earache mid-dream, and beg for an early release.

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