Friday, 29 July 2011


There is something I forgot to add when posting the photo of Mister Squirrel. On that same day, we met a man who should be commended for his patience. He saw us taking photos of the charismatic Mister Squirrel, and consequently called us over.
"If you're that good with that camera, taking photos of that squirrel, you can come take a photo of this Jay bird," says he, in those approxmiate words, anyway. I shooed my camera-toting KeyChild over to him while I gathered up our junk and said goodbye to our new squirelly friend. I arrived too late to see the Jay bird. But I heard the story behind it.
There are only a few Jay birds in our part of the country. They travel in pairs, and I've only ever seen two couples in my area. They're rather large, and have beautiful blue colouring on their wings. They're also notoriousy loud, and very people-shy. Through perseverance and alot of patience, however, this man had managed to gain the trust of one Jay bird enough that it would come sit at the other end of the bench as he, and eat bread from the wooden slats. It had taken him "Six months. I come here everyday, to this bench and it's taken me six months to get him to come down here and eat with me." Bird tamer extraordinaire. That's special.

Ps. Also, my new lappytoppy thing does not have automatic spell check on my internet writings. So I keep spelling things wrong and there's no red line to sarcastically point out my mistakes. What, I'm going to have to proof read?! Effort much.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Meet Mister Squirrel.

We made friends in Christ Church Meadows. He is veeery cute.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Friday, 22 July 2011


I have the most beautiful friends.
So my birthday is coming up. Kinda an important one, actually. Milestone being marked, and all that. And yet, after the five-month planning, and four-day party and celebration of last year’s birthday, I sadly had precious little planning energy this year. A get together with all my girls was in order, yes! But half of us have started new jobs. A couple were on holiday, or staying in their Uni places. Complications, complications, complications. My sister and two of my girlfriends kept saying, “What are you going to do? What are you going to plan?” And I found myself saying, “Ohhh, I don’t know. Maybe someone else could plan it this year, I just can’t be bothered to get my head round people’s dates and all that,” with a sadly childish pout on my face. Did I think anyone else would step up to the mark and start making the plans? Course not! It’s a momentous task! If I had not the willpower to work at it, how could I expect someone else to?
July 16th, the earache started. Ow. The amount of messages and commands to get better very soon were gratifying. July 18th, my first ever doctors appointment, my first ear infection, and my very first antibiotics prescription. The hurrahs for drugs and getting-well-ness were pleasing. July 20th, I’m feeling slightly better, and no longer like my head’s going to implode with pain whenever I sit up, and the cheering on of my recovery continued. I felt so loved…
July 21st. A bad day for me. I was tired, grouchy, emotional. Still in some pain. My sister tided my room for me while I was in the shower. My mum kept telling me to just go back to bed to rest instead of moping round the house, pretending I could be helpful with something. The doorbell rings, and mum yells at me to answer it, and I trudge to the door. And there on the doorstep are my sister and three of my girlfriends, dressed to the nines, smiles on their faces and a big bunch of red roses held out in front of them.
Apparently, this had taken a month to plan. To get all my girls together in one place. My illness had meant that the dinner out that was also planned had to be postponed, but we went to my friend’s house where the other girls were waiting, had a picnic in the park on cushions, and spent the rest of the evening and night half-asleep in front of a good many films. A birthday celebration tailored to the unwell. It was beautiful. A pre-birthday surprise party that was full of special <3

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Time Travelling Ballads.

Geeky moment coming right up! So I’m a fan of Dr Who. Not as big a one as I’d have liked, time lacking and all that, but fan enough to get excited about this: Chameleon Circuit. Two cds released, a collection of songs written and performed by a group of youtubers strictly about Dr Who. What’s not to get excited about?
This isn’t to say this is a new band. They’ve been around for a couple of years, but me being who I am, I merely gave them the thumbs up for having such an awesome idea and doing well with it, without even properly considering looking them up and pursuing their music. I know that the major Dr Who fan base out there would give a strict slap on the wrist for that confession. But. Thanks to an update youtube video by Charlie McDonell (one of the members), I finally got round to actually listening to a good selection of their music. And did I like it? Did I! To listen to a song and suddenly realise you know exactly which episode/character/event they’re singing about is, for me, kinda exciting. The style of music changes with each song - due to there being no lead singer, the members take it in turns to write, play, sing, so the styles change with the preferences of the members themselves - giving the collection a proper compilation feel.
They aren't geniuses. They aren't perfect song writers. But their music is well thought out and catchy, and it makes me happy. I guess that's all that matters.
Dr Who fan? Have a listen.

Ps. The songs "Everything is ending" and "Silence and the end of all things" and "Kiss the girl" are the good ones, I reckon...

Monday, 18 July 2011

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Before I go...

let me give you Ed Sheeran - Firefly. Because his music is one-of-a-kind.

It's 00:57 on Sunday morning.

I have an earache... Else trust me, I'd be happily snuggled in bed loving every second of my sleeping time. I'm hoping this earache clears itself up before Monday, as I have a trip to John Lewis in Reading with two of my girlfriends in order to buy meters and meters of loverly material to make two beautiful dresses, one Marie Antoinette style and one Alice McGee style, for their respective birthdays. Yes, I shall make the dresses. To make a dress for oneself is one thing, to make a dress for someone else is another. Of course, the multiple fittings that shall be needed are a perfect excuse to spend more time with my two girls. An ulterior motive? Course not..!
Anywho. To be able to function properly on Monday is therefor very necessary. I just had to delete a repetition of the phrase "in order to buy" from my writing above, and the spelling corrections I'm having to make are ridiculous. My brain clearly is not all present and correct. I think I shall have to attempt to shut it down again, despite the screaming pain battering in from my ear. Argh. I shall call down the martyrs of earache mid-dream, and beg for an early release.