Sunday, 18 October 2009


I had a minimal amount of sleep last night. It makes things strange. It wasn't like I wasn't trying to sleep, okay so admittedly I gave up for a while at about twelve, and then again at about one, but sometimes there's nothing else you can do. Your thoughts start to wonder and it's at those times when I often feel I need to do something with my time. Otherwise I start to think too much. And I no longer have anyone to tell me to stop.
It's a habit one gets into, you know?

I see the strangest people while about my daily life. Particularly while in town. The other day I went past two men and a woman dressed in Steam Punk. This was the first time I had seen Steam Punk in reality and I ended up twisting right round in my seat on the bus to get a better look. The first man was wearing a long, gothic-type velvet coat that was a burnt orangy-copper colour and a top hat that matched. The top hat had what looked like brass goggles settled on top, and he had long blonde hair tied back in a pony tail. He was big. His wedged, buckled boots slammed down onto the pavement with each swinging stride, so that he looked like he was about to take off. The woman was wearing a rather unflattering outfit. She was thin and tall. She had on a skirt that flared just below the knees with little waves of black lace that fluttered above her black DrMartin boots. Her coat came down to just below her backside and was fitted at the waist. She had her dark hair up in a tight bun with a brass pin. But when she turned round slightly I saw a flounce of cream shirt and red tie curving between the lapels of her coat. The second guy was wearing a suit - pinstriped waistcoat and white shirt, tailcoat and black trousers with big black boots. He had long brown wavy hair, that fell to just below his shoulders, and a pair of glasses.
Epic moment. I wish I had had a camera and the chance to leap off the bus and the courage to ask them for a photo.

My typing and thinking tends to float softly out the window when I'm tired. It's a strange kind of tiredness. Unreal and constricting. At the same time, my adreneline supplies have kicked in, so my fingers are still fast, my reactions to people still evident. Just not always coherent.

I've tidied my room. A quick tidy, first thing in the morning, so that it's ready for the week start tomorrow. Also (though I would not admit this to my mother as yet) to make way for the blanket fort I am planning on making in my room. All over my room...

I'm still waiting for that release that comes once a month. Come on, femininity! Stop making things so hard. You know, before last night I've been considering hibernation. However, my body has just proved to me the impossibility of this for humans. It's a shame, as this could save me alot of bother and stress. Imagine being able to just send out an all-inclusive email - sorry, can't come out/to college or talk/write essays. I'm hibernating.

I need sleep. And some inspiration.

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