Sunday, 4 October 2009


So. Here I am. First post. Am I supposed to know what to write? Because it sure doesn't feel like it.

Thoughts on a page. I've done this before, only last time it was in a more concentrated format (ie. email) and considering that was going somewhere, it tended to have a direction. My mind's wandering already...

The trees are turning gold. Gloucester Green is beginning to show those beginnings of colour, those starts of beauty. One of those times when I wish I had a camera... Last time I was there, sitting on a cold metal seat with my legs draped over the arm, eating a baguette from the best blt makers I know (hands up for Harveys), there was this moment of complete hush... just a second of silence as if someone had pressed a pause button, and then a clattering rush of noise as every pidgeon in the square took to the air in a whirling, crackling sweep, up, out and away towards the cold blue sky. And then a kind of feather-like quietness descended before it was brushed aside by the blare of a taxi's horn and all returned to normal.
Moments like that make you feel like you've witnessed something unique. Surreal.

Another moment that almost had a fairy tale to it was the one this afternoon in Argos. Yes, kids, miracles can happen anywhere. It's such a simple thing - two people, a girl in beige and black, her hair tied back in a severe pony tail, and an Chinese guy in glasses and a striped jumper both leant forward to pick up the same catalouge at the same time, hands closing round it's edge simultaneously. Then the self concious apologies as the hands leapt back from their temporary sits and nervously grabbed for a different catalouge instead.
Okay, so she was older than him, and he was surly and certainly not in the slightest bit inclined to be romantic, but your imagination picks up on these moments and electrifies them. Just for a second. And then you're left feeling slightly put out, as if an amazing gift had been taken off you as soon as it had been offered.

The history essay and bed are calling. Time to stop my rambling and leave as is. Maybe this should be continued. Due consideration is certainly not in order, as would probably result in abandonment.
Night all.

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