Sunday, 15 May 2011


There are hundreds of people in this [place]. Thousands maybe. People who come from here, or people who have fallen through the cracks.”
Neil Gaiman - Neverwhere.

There’s a crack in time in the wall of your bedroom. And it’s been eating away at your life for a long time now.”
Dr Who.

There’s something up there, it slipped out the cracks in my lips.
There’s something up there, it slipped through the cracks.
I saw it from the corner of my eye…
It’s not just in my head.
Noone believes me, I can’t even trust me

I know they’re there.
The cracks in my fabric,
The faults in my path.
Below my feet, in the space above my head.
Watch my lips follow your words.
I know I don’t create you.
You’re hiding behind each layer,
Day-to-day life in a mesh of fractures.
Can I shatter the invisible walls?
You live where I cannot follow;
Dive into your underworld,
Up above my reach,
Yet you tease me, desired and despised.
Ribbons of shining-dark fabric.
I only entangle myself tighter,
Pull closer the insanity fractured mind
Rocking speaking swaying
Vibrating out the silent screams.
Even in my quiet moments
I hear you. My mind readers.
I see you. The slivered colours in my eyes.
A fantasy life. Fractured mind.
Sandwiched between fiction and lies.
I know I don’t create you.
Where’s my reality?
Can I remember my truth?
I know you’re there.
Speak to me stop your noise.
Take refuge in my melody,
the clouding of my mind.
I need your confusion, your clarity,
Leave me oh let me follow you, let me follow
Though the cracks.
I know they’re there.

…His small time’s end. His time-
Who saw Infinity through the countless cracks
In the blank skin of things, and died of i
A.S.Byatt - Possession

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