Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bussing it.

I take my little brother into town to have lunch with my sister most Fridays. And last Friday we caught the bus back. Everyone was in a bad mood. The bus route had been changed, the bus stop moved. The bus itself was full almost to bursting of cross, over-heated people who just wanted to get home, dammit. We sat at the front of the bus. I was facing towards the back, so had a good view of the withdrawn, grumpy faces. We got to the roundabout halfway home, and shock! The bus driver went past our turning. The whole bus sprung into action. Shouts came from the back of the bus, "No, you've missed the turning! We're going to [enter destination here]! Don't turn off here, it's the wrong one!" The bus driver swore, quietly. Then shouted his apologies. The bus circled the roundabout then took the right turning off and we continued on our way.
In a slightly different mood, however. Somehow the shock of the almost-wrong-turning and the amusement of the near catastrophe, and the whole bus was now humming with conversation. Snippets of similar tales, giggles at the mistake, or just shared smiles as if over a joke.
The journey ended in laughter. Funny how that happens.

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