Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Packing, yay!

I just walked home from the bank with 980euros in my pocket. You know that feeling you get when you're carrying rather alot of money that everyone's watching you? Just like, everyone knows..? Yup. Not a walk I want to repeat.
The girl at the bank today asked if I've started packing. My answer was that I'd piled all the clothes I _want_ to be able to take on a chair, looked at it and went, "Heh. That's too many." ...Then left it. She looked up from her screen, laughed politely and said something along the lines of, "When are you leaving again? Tomorrow? Hmm, yes, better start that packing properly!" This is the bank clerk talking. I felt like I'd failed at a bit of life. Which wasn't a fun feeling to have with 980euros in my pocket.
I admit it freely though - I am not a good packer. I always overpack the wrong things. Like, too many clothes and then I forget my toothbrush, or my key. Or I remember my mp3 player and my book, but forget to write down my train times, or check if my phone's charged. When I went to my friend's Uni for three nights I managed a normal sized bag, but stuffed it so full that it exploded all over her room when I got there. And I ended up discovering I had one whole outfit too many, but I'd forgotten the mini sewing kit I was going to take with me so I could finish off her Christmas present. Needless to say, then, my sister is checking my packing-list to work out- wait. Wait just a minute. I was going to say that my sister (the sensible packing one) is checking my list and will be checking (and rechecking times infinity, probably) the suitcase, but I'm no longer sure I need to get her to do that. There's been all this "Be thrifty, no you may not take a party dress unless you can wear it during the day too!" thing, but she's just said she wants to take at least three towels...
I think I'm just gonna muddle on without. Worst comes to the worst, my hand luggage will be oversized and heavy, and I'll probably forget to take a towel at all and have to buy one. Nevermiiind. As long as I don't forget tickets, passport, or plane times (I will tattoo reminders on my hands if need be), and don't leave my suitcase anywhere (has nearly been done before), I reckon that even if I trip over my own feet when getting on the plane, the holiday will go fine. In the end, I'm with my girlfriends, and they'll be there to give me a boost (or a slap round the back of my head) if need be. I can always rely on them to bail me out of packing/organising-fail trouble.
... Right, girls?

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