Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I've been song-obsessing...

I'm a tad annoyed that I can't link to youtube anymore - the internet sees my new lappy-top as a mobile or andriod. Therefor youtube fails. Sad times.
Anyways, you know how some songs just get stuck to you for a time? Well, over the last week I've had these ones on repeat...

Ed Sheeran - Could just be the bassline.
Ridiculously catchy. Plus it's Ed Sheeran.

The Weekend - The Knowing.
Repeat, please.

One night only - Say you don't want it (acoustic)
Is cute. Also, the lead singer looks suspiciously like a guy I know... Which always makes me do a double-take whenever I see him singing.

Adele - Someone like you.
Ahh, this woman's voice is amaaazing.

Lisa Hannigan - I don't know.
I'm in love with this song. She sings to her future partner, and the simplicity of it is beautiful.

Frank Sinatra- Killing me softly.
Golden oldies. Any cover of this song fails to do the original justice.

Jen Titus - O death.
Drama! Incredibly full sound. Soul-touching. (Go youtubing and look up Death's enterance into Supernatural. It has this song in the background - never watched the series, but this... deity's(?) entrance is awesome.)

Emily Browning - Sweet Dreams.
Daaark and pretty. From the soundtrack of Suckerpunch.*

Manu Chao - Bongo Bong.
Hehe. Sounds like the Gorillaz. Only not. "Je ne t'aime plus, mon amour. Je ne t'aime plus, tous les jours."

Malajube - Montreal 40.
French people. I have no idea what they're saying, but the track is brilliant. As is the music video :)

So there you have 'em. Not one of the most imaginative posts, I know. But I wanted to music share! *runs back to speakers to put all back on repeat*

* Sucker Punch. Good storyline? Nope. Depressing. Leaves much to be desired. Amazing acting? Nope. Vanessa Hudgens, pleeease try to act! Happy ending? ... Debatable. I'd say no. BUT. Very pretty girls in pretty cool outfits kicking the butts of a range of monsters, from zombie soldiers to robot guards, in a video-game style (explosions and dramatic kick-flips included), to an awesome soundtrack? Win!