Sunday, 19 June 2011

Within reason.

Yesterday morning started off well. While wandering through my hometown I saw:
A pirate, with long wavy hair, an almost beard, and a pirate shirt tucked into brown trousers. A little kid with a stegosaurus tshirt on, wearing a blue cape. A young guy doing his weekly shop on roller blades. A handbag made out of pompoms. An elderly lady in full goth gear, with black and red hair and many studs on her outfit. A nervous, geeky-looking guy, with an overbearing father, who was wearing a pink shrt and a fluorescent yellow and pink flowery tie. And countless mothers and daughters going shopping together (Did I miss something? Was it mother-and-daughter shopping day yesterday?). And got introduced to a little Café on Broad Street that does amazing coffee for about half the normal price. A good morning indeed.

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