Monday, 22 November 2010


And so much of it! For so many years I’ve been content with my music. An occasional artist would wander into my scope of hearing and I’d leap them, adopt them, and keep them, and continue on my contented little way. This month, however, mostly due to KeyChild, the list has been growing and growing and growing and…
Lemme share a few of them with you.
A Fine Frenzy. My friend has a cd and has mailed it to me and now I am forever in her debt. A sound to die for.
Thievery Corporation. Sounds like summer. Some of their songs are amazing. And more delicious female vocals.
Fink. A voice both familiar (So familiar in fact, that I can’t help wondering if I’ve heard any of his music before… ) and comforting, that I’ve completely fallen in love with. Gorgeous.
Cat Power. I’ve just ordered her cd The Greatest, and I wish it would hurry up and come! Soft vocals with a jazzy sound - yum.
Blue Foundation. I’m playing their song Bonfires on repeat at the moment.
The Pierces. Discovered thanks to an advert on tv. Their clean sound is addictive.
And also Anna Nalick has popped up again, along with Allie Moss, and Lisa Mitchell is also making a reappearance as I realize I only have four of her songs… Which MUST be rectified.
I can see that my money is not necessarily going to go on Christmas presents this year...

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