Monday, 4 January 2010

Christmas morning.

At about 7 15ish this morn I got woken up by my two sisters jumping on my bed with their stockings and shouting, “It’s Christmas morning! Stockings, stockings! Wake up!” 7 30, with little presents and sweets littering my bedclothes, I sent a text round to each of my friends, and now, five hours later, the replies are still raining in. Each time I come upstairs another alert has popped up on my screen heralding a Christmas cheer text, or else a question mark. “Sorry, lost all the numbers on my phone.” “Who are you..?” I suppose Christmas is as good a time as any to remind people you’re still alive.
The smell of Christmas lunch is drifting up the stairs. What is it about Christmas that makes it impossible to be grumpy or depressed? I feel almost cheated. But there isn’t much room for that either. Music (not Christmas music, I hasten to add) is making my head bop and my fingers keep on typing out happy thoughts. Oh well. Roll with it. Go with the flow! It’s Christmas.

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